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Incense Sticks and Use Continued

I have been feeling into the first few blogs and realized that I am being called to elaborate on them. This is my personal experience with incense sticks and does not define its use for anyone else.

Growing up, attending, and witnessing family events like Hu Plig (Spirit Calling) and Ua Neeb (Shaman Ritual calling your Spirit to return in whole as Human), I have noticed that my ancestors have always utilized elements to help them tap into the spirit world through, a vessel or container, a Shaman.

Shamans are able to initiate a connection to the spirit world using, a sacred space called, an altar (like a church). It is risen at the healing's request to mimic the altar that Shaman cares for at home by cooking new Hmoo Nplej (Good Luck Wheat) and refilling Dej Zaj (Dragon Water).

A few other items on the altar include a white candle, an egg, paper money, and, incense sticks. Fire is a crucial element in this ritual because it is used to invoke and transport messages through the smoke. Water is used in various ways with one being a source of cleansing and grounding (Holy Water).

The gong and bells are used to receive messages from our Ancestors with each vibration being a word. The breath that creates wind from the words spoken to travel with the smoke from the incense and paper money.

On my journey of self-healing, I have used all elements to initiate, carry, cleanse, receive, and honor all in all to know my purpose, once stolen from me too, that is to care for and love my husband and children as a Niam and Poj Niam.

My ultimate goal is that they will not have to use it anymore because they are in tune with the natural world of physical and spiritual, where healing is instantaneous. However, In the case that it is needed, I leave them with a legacy to get through their journey as Human beings with free will and most importantly the ability to heal thy self because there can be dark times that will test one's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

The remembering of the ability I innately have, once taken from me, is important to forward to my children and their children so that perhaps all children will live their best potential lives because no one should go through what we have gone through as a species in the last century because it was not about Covid, it is about how far removed we are from our natural state.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog. Thank you for tuning in. Much love and light to you and your ones.

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